Oil up your pecs and stock up on protein bars, because Tom and Jenny are about to pump you up and dive into the actually quite fascinating world of male bodybuilding. From the early days of circus strongmen to the innovative 19th-century figure of Eugen Sandow; from the popularity of Muscle Beach and the contributions of Joe Weider to the mainstreaming of the subculture through the personalities of Arnold Schwartzenegger and Lou Ferrigno; we cover all the glistening, flexing bases, as well as discuss controversies over steroid use and the rivalry between so-called “mass monsters” and those favoring a more classic physique. Clench your buttocks and suck in your gut, it’s a musclebound journey through time on episode 196.

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  1. You know what might be fun? Tom talking to Jim Cornette – that is if wrastlin’ appeals to him at all. They might end up killing each other or become best buddies, either way It would be great entertainment value.

  2. If someone had told me 2 weeks ago that I would not only watch but also enjoy a show about Bodybuilding I would have laughed at them.
    If they then had told me that I would save a docu called "Pumping Irons" in my To-Watch-List I would have punched them in the nose and told them they should stop making fun of me.

  3. In the pro cycling world Dr Michele Ferrari (a highly contentious figure as he provided doping programs for teams and individual cyclists including Armstrong) said that in effect he was using drugs to protect the riders from the the sport. Just as in bodybuilding the rigours of training and competing are extremely tough on the body. With the use of performance enhancing drugs they could sustain those training loads. Also, as Tom said, using different drugs in a stack to get the results required and obtain the best result from whichever drug. As drug testing became more professional and technically adept the rider resorted to different methods such EPO (until a test was invented), blood doping, micro dosing etc. I'm surprised in body building, and other sports, they haven't started using stem cells to reverse the ageing process so they can compete for longer.

    Have you watched Icarus on Netflix? https://www.netflix.com/title/80168079 It starts out as a look at how drugs can be used to enhance performance in cycling but develops in to a documentary on state run doping programs in Russia.

    This was also an interesting and amusing doc although it's a bit old now. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p00b996w/louis-therouxs-weird-weekends-series-3-4-body-building

    Also – they keep saying that intermittent fasting increases male hormone significantly which is worth noting for us older guys.

  4. Strange. I looked for this episode, since early this,morning,and through out the day. It wasn't available. It's up now at 4:36 pm,and says it's been up for over 8 hours. (?).
    Glad you guys are alright!

  5. Funny. Sometimes I feel like we all went to different schools together. I remember Mark. We were all working out but he went all the way. He went from my size( nothing special) to like Conan next summer. I remember him saying” phhh acne? Whatever. It’s about the size“
    He was a dick when he was into it. Now he couldn’t help me push a car out of a snowbank.

  6. I could watch whatever you guys put out. I had a neighbor at my old apartment complex who was big into body building, he would do a bunch of cardio on alternating days around the area with weighted straps around his legs and arms and a weight vest in the middle of summer in the desert in California. This guy later found out that I did a alternating vegetarian eating routine every few months for about 2-3 months at a time. He showed me different meals to cook and different snacks he enjoyed. This guy ate 2 lbs of peanuts a week and a whole bunch of different beans for every meal.

  7. I remember all of this when I was kid. I remembering seeing the tv and admiring these men. My dad use to say these guys took fucking steroids. I have dealt with men taking steroids in medical field. The mood swings are terrible. The side effects are terrible to kidneys and heart. I know some reality shows like fake stuff to get rating but in the long run lose. Look at stupid ass washup Jerry Springer. I love you both because you are not fake and cut the bullshit and be real. Sometimes people don't like it when you are real but screw them because they are probably fake. I am a kind of person you can't bullshit because I see through it. Everything these days are to make money. Right I agree with you about men and women analogy. I can say if you make drugs legal it would take millions of money out of the drug scene. I agree that there should be testing on old people. Send some people in prison for life to be lab specimens to Mars. Ha! HA! I also remember sitting down in school being educated about not taking steroids and what it does to the body. Good job on show. Love you both.


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