We all love bodybuilding/weightlifting/the gym/getting fit, but let’s face it… there’s also a lot of things about it that suck! And it’s good to get those things off your chest from time-to-time, and today is that day. So let it all out with 10 reasons weight lifting SUCKS!

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  1. I have 2 women at the office sitting with me who constantly feel the need to judge my eating habits and proudly proclaim how happy they are that they can eat whatever they want. At the same time they feel proud when they nibble at some veggies throughout the day and mention it several times that day. Like…just let me eat what I planned and know will satisfy and not stuff anything extra into my face all the time and you do you.

  2. Getting leaner was a big one for me was always bulky, then when I really focused on lowering my buddy fat my friends family asked me if I stopped training and looked really skinny!! Ouch that hurt

  3. 1st: I don't agree with the statment of the you can't eat anything. There is always low calorie options and many cookbooks like the greg doucette cookbook (personally helped me out) that I allow you to eat what you want. If you're not eating what you like then you're just doing it wrong my friend.
    2nd: the Idea of never being satisfied is not speacial to fitness. It all has to come from self love. You have to love yourself and be confident with yourself regardless if you're 300lbs overweight or 180lbs of pure muscle.
    3rd: just build a home gym or go early hours
    4th: You don't even need to bulk to make muscle. There is several studies that talk about how you can build muscle at your desired body fat. so if you're 15% bodyfat just stay there and don't bulk up and add muscle eating maitnence calories. Bulking doesn't and won't increase how fast you gain muscle. You'll just have to go on an aggressive cut after you gain 20lbs of extra fat and lose the gains you've made. so you can gain 4lbs of muslce at 15% body fat or bulk up gain 5lbs of muscle and 20lbs of fat go on an aggrssive cut (like most people do) lost 1lbs of muscle and be left with 4lbs which could have been acheived if you've never "bulked up". It's honeslty just one of the biggest myths in the fitness industry so companies can sell you crap supplments and fat burners that you don't need. Next point.
    5th: Maybe stop caring about people's opinion. They're probably just overweight or an unhealthy bunch that don't know anything about fitness to begin with.
    7th: I also agree with that point. it all links to point 5. They just don't get it and make up assumptions about you getting too fat (you still dont need to bulk) or getting to thin or eating protein heavy food, etc…
    8th: hahahaa. The calories thing so fucking true lmao. You always think about the calories lol hahaha
    9th: lmao that's so funny lol. people are weird lol
    Either way. not a bad video. I like your personality even if I disagree with some of the stuff you say. Keep up the good work!
    edit: typos

  4. There are so many good foods you an eat though. Veggie burgers, regualr lean ground beef burgers, low calorie high fiber bread, smart pop, anabolic French toast, sugar free syrups and energy drinks, sweet potato fries cooked in the air fryer. The list is endless on what you can eat that tastes good and has protein and fiber a and nutrients. Greg doucette even makes an anabolic pizza and nachos lol

  5. The worst I've encountered besides vegans was a coworker calling me anorexic, asking if I was actually eating when she outweighed me by about 80 lbs (she was like 210 lbs at 5'2)

  6. For me one of the hardestthings is being the only one that doesn't drink alcohol.
    In Germany this falls under "socially awkward".
    Btw i think that men's desire to lift heavy weights or to do combat sports is based on the fact, that lifting heavier stuff or winning in a fight against another man are the two most primal alpha things a primate could do, back in the days…

  7. The best thing I heard of was when this bro type guy got yelled at by a small woman. He didn't come back for like a week and kept quiet. I missed her yelling by like 10 minutes but one of the guys there told me after. He was a total douche. He also once loaded full stack lat pulldown and well you can imagine that result of that. Don't even get me started when he went to the leg press.

  8. "That deltoids a pile of wank" I have a feeling you're also from London haha.

    True points though, it's a lot of sacrifice and headache just to look a certain way (I guess there's feeling better and more energetic too) if we lived on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific with hardly anyone else, we probably wouldn't care how we looked which is an interesting thought. Just chill in the sun, no mirrors to look at other than the waters blurry reflection.

    It is annoying when people that don't understand food or how the body works, start lecturing or giving you funny looks. Like the old 'fat makes you fat', you wanna slap someone with science papers.

  9. Having a pizza now and again isnt gonna make a blind bit of difference if u train your arse off..u havnt gotta be so anal about the whole thing and lifes to short…and like u say we are only rented our physique.

  10. The number one on the list happened to me. I decided to have some Reese's one day at work and my coworker was like "that's not part of your diet." Then of course one of my other coworkers would try to convince me to go get fast food with them all the time when I just wanted to eat my Builders salad.

  11. Is their worth in Lifting Heavy Things
    1. It makes you healthy
    2. It makes you more social
    3. It makes You happy.
    4. It teaches you discipline
    5. It cleans your head from stuff that stressful or irrelevant
    6. It makes you stronger
    7. It raises your Testosterone = Your Sex drive.
    8. It gives you more self confidence. which might up your chances to find a Partner.

  12. I wonder, can you still get bigger by sometimes eating that certain mars bar or whatever? Like, its bad and all but unless you are training to become a bodybuilder it can't really do much harm can it?

  13. I generally dislike Youtubers because the majority of them think they are comedians and they just end up being quite annoying. But this was genuinely funny and I identified with what you said, because 10 years ago I used to work out and be on a diet and all the things you said are true :))

  14. The dude is in shape according you. He problably even can't fucking run a mile. If you think bodybuilders are fit ,then you're a massive idiot.

  15. Its not that lifting sucks because it doesnt, its the results that sucks. I faithfully body build for well over 20 years and the results were minimal at best. Buddies on gear doing exactly what I was doing and using less weight therefore less wear and tear on joints, tendons…etc blew up and I stayed the same. Then god forgive, I built up a little mass, dieted for summer and lost everything. I finally decided to forget body building and go into powerlifting where I was very strong and had some success. Years later @ 50+ years old still lifting, arthritis set in and now after 2 hip replacements and I need shoulder reconstruction. What I'm saying is , if you dont genetically have it and unless you use gear, dont kill yourself because in the end it isnt worth it. No matter what these guys on videos tell you, you'll know within the first couple of years (of course you have to be dilligent) whether you have it or not. A buddy of mine is 56 and still squats and deadlifts over 500lbs raw @ about 170lbs and was never seriously injured. I know I'm a nobody with no YouTube channel, but take my advice, if u dont have it, dont push it, ride a bike, swim and enjoy yourself. PS, most ladies dont give a crap if your muscular or not. Just stay in reasonable shape.

  16. Bodybuilding is more like I want to lift the heavy thing to get bigger muscles. Powerlifting, strongman, weightlifting, ect… is more so I want to lift the heavy thing to lift heavier things.

  17. I laugh so hard listening to you and than you make me hate those people that are cruel at the same time! I laugh my ass off and get angry watching your videos! There the best!

  18. Hi Simon, I love your channel, you make me laugh every time. I am a female mid forties and started resistance training a couple months ago. I was a runner for many years but stopped a few months now. I have been doing squats and lunges body weight and it burns by rep 10 to 12. I was wondering if I still have to ad weights if I want to tone up. Thanks for responding and keep up the good work.

  19. My thing with being in shape and big, is people expecting me to be a protector lol they feel I’m security and that I can fix any altercation… but also act as if I’m the one to call on when things need to be Lifted, opened or carried. They also think ur not human and can’t feel pain do any kinda work

  20. Its true for me the one never satisfied in the mirror people told me i look good and have a great physic iam like no iam small still have to work out more to get bigger you are truly never satisfied how you look you always want more atleast for me.And the food preperations is the worst i tell people iam more in the kitchen then in the gym maybe half a day in the kitchen and only 2 hours in the gym

  21. I work at a pizzaplace and get free food but to stay healthy i have my pizzas with a califlower crust, basically no cheese and stack them with spinach, LOTS of chicken, green peppers, corn, a bit of tomatoes, and maybe if im feeling fancy a bit of pineapple. Anything can be healthy if you want it to be. All yall fitness guys knocking pizza are sleeping on the good shit


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