10 Bodybuilders Who Took Bodybuilding to the EXTREME!

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the following video looks at some of the
more unusual bodybuilders to ply their
trade around the world from the elderly
and disabled to the just plain bizarre
these people definitely fall into the
category of unusual bodybuilders the
most unusual bodybuilders in the world
Barbie Stein’s Holt Thomas in the world
of bodybuilding this stay-at-home mom
definitely stands out
Barbie Stein’s old Thomas lost both her
arms at an accident when she was a
toddler amazingly this hasn’t stopped
her from competing over a dozen
bodybuilding competition since 2003 how
does she do it
as you’d expect her exercise routine
focuses on her legs and core region
without her arms she is limited to
certain exercises but is able to use
many of the machines at the gym with a
little help from spotters while she can
perform three of the scored moves
required on stage during competition
this has never dampened her spirit to
continue to compete Sascha schmuck if
you’re looking for an example of an
unusual bodybuilder look no further than
Bakker this Russian bodybuilder is a bit
of an online celebrity in his home
country although it’s likely due to his
bizarre image more than his bulging
muscles in addition to his workout
regime Spock has also been going about
altering his body with cosmetic surgery
and considerable tattoo work he’s
already had surgery on his eyes nose and
mouth and much of his body is covered in
ink sorry ladies this one is taken as
there are some rather interesting
wedding photos to prove that Sasha Spock
is off the market Amanda Loyd female
bodybuilders aren’t anything new however
when they are just four feet tall that
can be called unusual Amanda law is a 22
year old bodybuilder who suffers from
hydro Conda Pasha a type of dwarfism
where the body is smaller but still in
normal proportions on stage during
competitions Amanda competes against
full-sized women which you think would
put her at a disadvantage not so much as
this 22 year old Arizona native took
home a trophy in her very first
competition NIC Scott
when you think of bodybuilders you
probably don’t picture a wheelchair
involved enter Kansas native Nick Scott
in 1998 while driving his front tire
blew out causing the car to roll several
times Nick’s back was broken and doctors
diagnosed him as a paraplegic depressed
he gained weight at 300 pounds decided
to turn his life around after heading to
the gym one thing led to another and
Nick eventually found himself competing
in bodybuilding competitions this
two-time powerlifting champion has
appeared in a red 100 bodybuilding shows
around the world ray moon at 83 years of
age most people are enjoying retirement
and the grandkids not ray moon though at
83 this senior is competing in
bodybuilding competitions against men
less than half of his age officially the
oldest competitive male bodybuilder the
world moon has had to overcome cancer
and heart surgery to make it this far
most recently he took part in the wff
Championship in Melbourne Australia
while he didn’t win his presence on
stage surely turned a few heads as the
audience took in this rather unusual
sight Mark Smith Mark Smith was a
British soldier who had served in such
places as Bosnia Iraq and Afghanistan in
2011 an accident during training
resulted in him having to have his leg
amputated rather than fall into
depression Smith turned to exercise of
the answer as his fitness improves Smith
looked to bodybuilding and entered the
pure elite competition which had a
category for disabled competitors
although not looking the part of your
usual bodybuilder he won his category
and claimed his trophy to a standing
ovation Matt Kroc Zaleski janae Murray
this 42 year old power lifter and
bodybuilder is also a former Marine and
a presidential guard for political VIPs
in Washington DC adding a rather unusual
twist to this tale is the fact that Matt
Kroc Zaleski now goes by the name janae
Murray that’s right the record-holding
powerlifter recently came out as
transgender and it’s divided the
bodybuilding world Jenaya said that she
received large amounts of support for
her Moo but also large amounts of hate
it has reportedly made the decision of
whether or not she’ll continue to
compete as a woman a challenging one
miny mr. Olympia when children

10 Bodybuilders Who Took Bodybuilding to the EXTREME!


  1. Taking steroids is an abomination to the body Unless it is prescribed from the doctor to help you with joints and ligaments so you won’t fall apart other than that it is an abomination to the body and watching this video I just found out that steroids make you crazy

  2. Is it just me or do the body builders look like skinny people in buff suits? xd Especially the “Real life Hercules”, Andreas, and Arthur or the uh, nerd guy.

  3. When I saw the thumbnail pic the first thought that crossed my mind was a remembrance of the following famous quote by Wolfgang von Goethe:
    "There is nothing more frightening than stupidity in action."


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