1. He struggles with the final arm position because he has stiff shoulders when it comes to internal rotation. If he works in his mobility it will be come easier for him

  2. This is very informative and worth watching and noting down the technical aspects of the lift. Without even lift the bar he explains the foundations people tend to miss. I've already noted my errors by simply watching this video.

  3. OMG i have been doing the contact wrong for one year i can snatch 80kg and i keep the bar close and my shoulders in front but i don't use my arms i use my hips ,i will go tomorrow to my gym just to practice technique,thanks klokov you are the best

  4. There's more wisdom and expertise imparted in the first 7 minutes of this video than in 7 hours of other rubbish coaching vids out there. Mr. Dmitry Klokov, Sir, thank you for this! Best wishes!!


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