Check out our BIG overview from FIBO 2017 with Blessing Awodibu and Maureen Blanquisco.
Stars: Simeon Panda, Rich Piana, Sadik Hadzovic, Tavi Castro, Erko Jun, Dmitry Klokov, Ania Malys,

Best Glutes of FIBO 2017:
Bodypower UK Expo 2017 athletes motivation & tips:

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[eng] About “FIBO 2017”

The IFBB FIBO Power Pro Germany was a professional bodybuilding competition, as well as a separate women’s fitness competition, organized by the International Federation of BodyBuilders (I.F.B.B.). In 2012, women’s bodybuilding and women’s fitness were removed from the FIBO Power Pro Germany. In 2013, women’s fitness was brought back to the FIBO Power Pro Germany.

Die Fibo (Eigenschreibweise: FIBO) ist eine Messe für Fitness, Wellness und Gesundheit in Köln. Am 1. Januar 1993 wurde sie an die Blenheim International Deutschland GmbH verkauft, einen Vorgänger der heutigen Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH, die seit ihrer Gründung 1985 in jährlichem Turnus stattfindet. Mit rund 700 Ausstellern und 116.000 Besuchern ist die Fibo heute die weltweit größte Fachmesse für Fitness, Wellness und Gesundheit.

Targi FIBO 2017
Jak co roku tę część targów poświeconą szeroko rozumianej kulturystyce odwiedzi ponad 200 000 zwiedzających. W programie body building, sporty walki, mistrzostwa oraz spotkania z gwiazdami. Tak jak w 2014 roku, FIBO Power dzięki nowemu układowi hal nie będzie już odseparowane od reszty targów.


FIBO EXPERT is a business platform geared in large parts to meet the specific needs of all exhibitors in the segments Training Equipment, Medical, Wellness & Beauty, Sports Nutrition, Interior, Consulting & Services, Functional Training & Cross Fit, Trading, EMS, Performance Apparel and Mobile Devices. This is the place to attend undisturbed meetings, deepen contacts and align business strategies with the latest trends. FIBO EXPERT’s exhibition component is complemented by a vast selection of training and conference sessions.



Hall 4.1: World of Group Fitness
This is where the fitness and lifestyle community meets to learn about and participate in the latest group fitness trends. Exhibitors include companies such as ZUMBA, Jumping Fitness and Piloxing.
On three stages – Group Fitness (equipment-based), Group Fitness (classic) and Body & Mind – exhibitors will present their latest programmes, allowing visitors to join in right onsite. Also new at FIBO 2017: a pool to try out the latest aqua fitness programmes. Remember to pack your swimwear!

Hall 4.2: Shopping Mall
Find an exhaustive fitness shopping assortment here: fashion in cool shopping pavilions, a catwalk with amazing shows and presentations featuring professional models showcasing our exhibitors’ collections, healthy nutrition, wearables, small devices, cosmetics and care, sports travel, literature, and much more.
Participants include brands such as PUMA, NIKE, Adidas, Venice Beach, Lorna Jane, Freddy, Fitbit and many more.
The fitness and lifestyle community comes here to learn about and take home the best trends.

Hall 5.1: Convention Hall
Closed conventions will take place in Hall 5.1. On Thursday and Friday, exhibitors will stage their own conventions, teaching their training programmes to trainers and instructors. Organised by FIBO itself, the first “FIBO 2017” EUROPEAN CONVENTION is set to take place on Saturday and Sunday. World-renowned presenters from the group fitness, hip-hop and aqua fitness training segments will be training trainers from across Europe here.

FIBO POWER, Europe’s Biggest Meeting Point for the Bodybuilding, Weight Training and Martial Arts Community, covers these segments: Martial Arts, Self Defence, Nutrition and Supplements, Fashion, Weight Training and Bodybuilding. Rounding out the powerhouse that is FIBO will be numerous POWER events, including the Miss FIBO POWER beauty contest, workshops, top-notch stage shows and other competitions.

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“Ania Malys”
“Zac Aynsley”
“Dóri Bodó”
“Valerija Slapnik”
“Erko Jun”
“Petar Klancir”
“Nathan de Asha”
“Bionic Body”
“Brandon Curry”
“Simeon Panda”
“Rich Piana”
“Kevin Levrone”
“Sadik Hadzovic”
“Tavi Castro”


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