Genetics plays a crucial role in bodybuilding. Having a smaller waist and wise clavicles would give you that illusion of being bigger, as well as your muscle shape and insertions. If you want to give that illusion of having a smaller waist then just gain more muscle in your shoulders working specifically on your side delts as well as working on your back, especially your lats. Lastly, you can’t change for example your chest shape, whether your chest attaches or is detached no matter how much muscle you gain it will never change.

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  1. apparently you can increase your clavicle width with chin ups, and lengthen your torso/ narrow your waist with a waist trainer. So if you’re that crazy i think it’s still possible to surpass your genetics

  2. guys, all that matters is to better your mental health in every gym session, aesthetics and stuff like that doesn't really matter in the end, getting rid of the internal demons does. Stay strong! I believe in every single one of you. Blessings to everyone.

  3. honestly any genetics are good genetics. the fitness industry throws the word around so much that people are starting to diminish their hard work bc they dont look like cbum. like just fuck genetics and get those gains

  4. Genetics are at least 50-70% of how you will look, the rest is training and diet. Your height, waist to shoulder and waist to hip ratios, torso to leg proportions, muscle insertions (especially chest, abs, biceps, and calves), the thickness of your bones (especially on the forearm), the type of muscle fibers that you have…

    That's why there are so many guys that take roids but still look like shit, especially if they have low androgen receptors, then increasing your testosterone levels won't do shit.

    My chest isn't strong by any means, but it looks way more developed than any other part of my body just because of the shape/insertions.

  5. Structure is genetic but muscle development is achieved through mind muscle connection. You pass that down through generations. Look up epigenetics. The way your body is when u decide to have a kid, will affect the way your kids genetics are!

  6. Another thing to also add regarding genetics… a person's response to PEDs. Some people have phenom physiques on gear and don't have many negative mental side effects. Most people however have meh physiques on gear, and their mental health takes a toll

  7. Don't let this discourage you. I always thought that I had poor genetics, but when I finally got enough protein and a clean diet with continued deficit, I looked REALLY handsome and attractive. You can do it, regardless of your genetics. It's all in the mind. If you think you're at your muscle growth limit, chances are that you just need to raise your food intake for a slight bulk. If you think that you're fat, clearly you need a deficit and might need to focus on more compounds (when I was at a deficit, I was only doing squats, bench, deadlifts, rows, shoulder press and looked fantastic). Now, I'm a bit higher body fat again, and I'm comfortable with that, so long as I feel good.

  8. I’m south Asian and so I probably have under average genetics but who cares , I know I won’t look like an Adonis but I can look good if I consistently put the effort in. Just give it your all, everything else is out of your control.

  9. This is why I say performance goals over physique goals. It'll come guys. Just get better at your form, increase your reps, your sets and your weights… Also your progressions of you're doing calisthenics, and your physique will come.

  10. I mean, I started weights just to get ripped, I feel like a lot of guys feel frustrated because they don’t grow on muscle like a lot in a very short period of time. But going to the gym, eating right and sleeping right you will be looking a whole lot better in a month. Like literally just a month just aim for looking better and you will really feel it

  11. My saying is. "Genetics definitely matter but don't use it as an excuse and try to do the best you can"
    "Luck definitely matters but don't use it as an excuse and try to do the best you can"
    "Talent definitely matters but don't use it as an excuse and try to do the best you can"

  12. people don’t want to hear this LOL

    they’re either too husky to see their genetic frame, or think PEDs will magically stretch your clavicles and grind down your pelvis bone and waist

  13. You can’t look like your favourite influencer because they are on gear

    This guy is full of shit and is only harming people who want to be natty with his bs

  14. Wide clavicules are the worst if you want to stay natty, you will lack a lot of thickness in chest and traps. You are saying that we shouldn’t compare ourself to influencers but you show us David laid. You are ridiculous.


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