Here is my review on these weight lifting hooks! I have to say these things are a miracle and do exactly what they are meant to do. They take almost all the weight off from the grip and forces your muscles to work 100%. If you are wanting to focus on building more muscle, then i would definitely recommend grabbing you a pair of these weight lifting hooks. They are heavy duty and hold body weight well. If you guys like this video, please be sure to leave a thumbs up! Later dudes.

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weight lifting hooks review ♛


  1. I need to buy them,I had lots of bros on the net saying that,if you can't hold certain deadlift weight in your hands,you not ready to lift it! Even if your back can,what's your opinion?

  2. Where to buy these. I'm from India
    I have got problem in gripping because of pinched nerve in my neck so it's like half peralise in my hand I really need these but could find it


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